2017 NACAS West, Orange County, CA – education session

UNLV: An Innovative Housing Partnership

Three insiders will detail the planning and implementation of a successful housing partnership that rapidly increased UNLV’s campus housing occupancy to over 100% and has held it there for years: Jason Taylor, Scion Senior Vice President, Advisory Services; Jeff Panchavinin, Scion Director, Advisory Services and former manager of UNLV campus housing for AVS Housing Group, a Scion joint venture; and Jennifer Gray, Director of Student Affairs Communications & Business Partner Relations, Division of Student Affairs, UNLV. This session was originally presented at the ACUHO-I Business Operations Conference in October 2016.


InterFace Student Housing 2017, Austin, Texas – panel discussions, roundtable

The Power Panel – opening session
International Student Housing Opportunities - roundtable discussion
The State of On-Campus Student Housing and the Ramifications for Off-Campus Owners/Operators - panel discussion
Putting Your Property Back Together after a Fire/Flood/Disaster - panel discussion

Robert Bronstein, President and co-founder of Scion, will be a featured speaker in “The Power Panel” at the April 6 opening general session of InterFace Student Housing, the sector’s largest annual conference, in a session featuring top executives in the student housing business. In an April 5 roundtable discussion, Mike Porritt, Director of Advisory Services, will address international student housing opportunities together with Denise Cunningham of Oracle Real Estate Group. On April 7, Senior Vice President of Advisory Services Jason Taylor will moderate a panel of student housing leaders discussing “The State of On-Campus Student Housing and the Ramifications for Off-Campus Owners/Operators.” Also on April 7, Bryan Curley, Vice President of Property Operations, will participate in “Putting Your Property Back Together after a Fire/Flood/Disaster,” discussing the intensive process of recovering from a casualty loss. Additionally, Jason Taylor and Jeff Panchavinin, Director of Advisory Services, will serve as judges in four categories of the SHB Innovator Awards.


Public-Private Partnership Conference & Expo, Dallas – panel discussion

Structuring P3s for Campus Infrastructure Projects

Jason Taylor, Scion Senior Vice President, will join four other panelists to discuss engaging the right private-sector partner with a well-prepared procurement process. The discussion will walk the audience from the initial stage successfully executing the solicitation process through structuring financial terms that lead to creative investment from capital-markets participants.


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