QUEENSBURY, NY. A team of The Scion Group and Sasaki Associates has been selected by Adirondack Community College to explore the viability of the College’s first-ever dedicated student housing. Scion will conduct a detailed market and demand analysis, study the impact on campus of new housing and create a business and financing plan. Sasaki will integrate a student housing facility plan, site survey and architectural renderings. The team’s cooperative effort will result in a comprehensive student housing plan.

Scion’s work, which marks its first consulting engagement in New York State, will include surveys, focus groups, campus interviews and analysis of local market conditions and peer institutions. Scion will quantify demand by various factors to establish determine viability of the project, and will explore financial feasibility as well as the impact of student housing on the existing campus culture and community.

Sasaki Associates, based in Boston and San Francisco, provides planning and urban design, architectural services, interior design, strategic planning and related services to create integrated environments that enrich lives.

Founded in 1961, Adirondack Community College is a public two-year college and part of the State University of New York educational system. The College occupies 141 acres at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains and enrolls approximately 4,000 students, nearly three-fourths of whom are under 24 and more than half of whom go on to enroll in a four-year school.

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