Why Price Conscious Generation Z Expects High-Quality Student Housing

Gen Z - Pragmatic Yet Sophisticated

When Millennials came to college, many came to the experience with the idea that you go to college to learn how to learn, how to exercise curiosity, what exploration looks like, and to become more independent. Then, thanks to the Great Recession, many of them returned home to live with their parents, unable to get a job or pay off high student loans. More

Supporting a Generation Focused on Wellness

Gen Z - A Focus on Wellness

Researchers are finding that Generation Z is a goal-oriented generation whose members are constantly working to improve themselves. But this college-bound generation isn’t just focused on improving their minds. This is a generation interested in holistic wellness and its impact on their overall health. More

How to Get Generation Z to Promote Your Student Housing

How to Get Generation Z to Promote Your Student Apartments

Colleges are now marketing to a generation that has grown up finding answers to virtually any question by searching for a YouTube tutorial. Now, Generation Z is taking its online resourcefulness to a new level as they enter college and the workforce. More

Linda Newman Appointed Vice President, Advisory Services

Linda Newman

After a little more than three years of serving Advisory Services as a Senior Associate and a Director, The Scion Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Linda Newman as Vice President of Advisory Services.  Linda will provide leadership to Scion’s consulting team as we grow and expand our current suite of offerings. More

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