Executive Team


Advisory Team

Nicole Beach

Vice President, Administration

Bryan Curley

Vice President, Property Operations

Jennifer Foley

Vice President, Financial Management

David Mullenix

Vice President, Information Technology

The Scion Group LLC

Mike Porritt

Vice President, Advisory Services

Michael Weaver

Vice President, Legal Affairs

The Scion Group LLC

Jessica Graves

Regional Vice President, Operations

The Scion Group

Christina Poore

Regional Vice President, Operations

Eric Luskin, CPM®

Senior Vice President Emeritus

Kate Cassidy

Director of Talent Management

Krystle Coleman

Director of Business Operations

Ciara Dean

Director of Training

The Scion Group LLC

Chelsea Koudelka

Director of Human Resources

Clayton Merritt

Director of Acquisitions

The Scion Group LLC

Linda Newman

Senior Director, Advisory Services

Sarah Samuels

Director of Operations

The Scion Group

Jonathan Stevens

Director of Asset Management

program management

Ann Volz

Senior Project Executive, Advisory Services

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