MICHIGAN CITY, IN. Mecca Companies, Inc., an affordable-housing developer and construction manager, has selected The Scion Group to perform a student housing market study for its contemplated project serving Indiana University Kokomo. The project recently received rezoning approval from the Kokomo City Council, which during deliberations considered research performed by Scion.

The study will include a review of planning documents, interviews with Mecca Companies staff, examination of the local student rental market and focus group sessions with University students. Scion will also recruit students to participate in an on-line survey. Ultimately, Mecca plans to utilize the market study to secure financing for the project. Scion previously authored an opinion paper on campus housing at traditionally commuter branch campuses, which was considered to the Council in determining whether to grant rezoning for the project.

Mecca Companies, Inc. is an affordable housing development and construction management consulting firm based in Michigan City, Indiana. In keeping with its mission to develop and consult on quality real estate developments with an emphasis on low-income housing, Mecca has produced over 1,000 affordable housing units throughout the Midwest over the past three years, with a total development cost exceeding $115 million.

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