Consulting and Business Planning for Self-Operation of Student Housing

Portland State University
Portland, Oregon


Portland State University faced a unique challenge. Until March 2007, it owned — but had never managed — 3,400 beds of student housing. In anticipation of the transition to self-operation, PSU retained The Scion Group to advise the University’s auxiliary service unit in the design, planning and implementation of its student housing management plan. Scion also helped the University determine the need for additional on-campus student housing.

Scion’s work included:

  • Interviews with key administration members
  • Focus groups targeting current students across all demographics
  • Review of existing on-campus facilities and creation a facility condition report
  • Review of the financial operations of each existing facility
  • Analysis of a recently completed demand study to determine student preferences

At the conclusion of Scion’s work, PSU received a comprehensive Student Housing Master Plan that included recommendations for long-term facility use, adjusted unit density and pricing, capitalization on operating portlandState_image1efficiencies, transitional and long-term management strategies and development and phasing of new student housing. Adopting many of Scion’s recommendations, PSU has completed a successful transition to self-operation. The University subsequently re-engaged Scion in 2011 to update its recommendations based on current market conditions.

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