Since 1999, Scion has provided independent advisory services to higher-education institutions, foundations and private-sector providers in over 200 campus markets, supporting more than $5.0 billion of student housing development and renovation.

From offices in Chicago, Dallas, Irvine and Toronto, our experts combine decades of experience in virtually all aspects of the sector – residential life administration, real estate finance, program and asset management, plus practical knowledge from the acquisition, development and management of over 70,000 student beds – allowing clients to benefit from our expertise in all phases of planning, implementing and operating student housing.

A member of NACUBO, ACUHO-I, NACAS and CAUBO, we have been cited by the Associated Press, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, CNN, ABC News, MSNBC and Bond Buyer, Forbes, Inc., and Student Housing Business magazines.

Our focus is on helping clients deliver a safe, enjoyable and meaningful residential experience that supports students’ academic pursuits, while maintaining operational efficiency and financial sustainability. To accomplish these objectives, our team draws on years of experience planning and managing campus housing for colleges and universities, while also using real-time benchmarks captured through Scion’s operations of one of the nation’s largest private student housing portfolios.

Our vision is that student housing should be more than simply shelter. Through our collaborative process of discovery, analysis and recommendation, our clients can make informed decisions regarding their student housing and, when investments are pursued, create communities and experiences that benefit all parties.

Our mission is that through serving our clients and through ongoing research and practice, Scion’s advisory services will enhance the residential experience for students and the performance of student housing assets.

We offer a full suite of services:

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