Redpoint is adventurous, up for anything and offers room to roam. We dare to live larger and refuse to be held back by boundaries. We encourage uniqueness with a desire for independence. At Redpoint, it’s less about the place and more about the space.


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Communities: 14

Redpoint Baton Rouge

Louisiana State University

Baton Rouge, LA

903 beds

Redpoint Columbia

University of South Carolina

Columbia, SC

1209 beds

Redpoint Denton

University of North Texas

Denton, TX

492 beds

Redpoint Gainesville

University of Florida

Gainesville, FL

781 beds

Redpoint Knoxville

University of Tennessee

Knoxville, TN

265 beds

Redpoint Norman

University of Oklahoma

Norman, OK

644 beds

Redpoint Raleigh

North Carolina State

Raleigh, NC

608 beds

Redpoint San Marcos

Texas State University

San Marcos, TX

945 beds

Redpoint Tallahassee

Florida State University

Tallahassee, FL

710 beds

Redpoint Tempe

Arizona State University

Tempe, AZ

718 beds

Redpoint Tuscaloosa

University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa

Tuscaloosa, AL

1347 beds

Redpoint West Lafayette

Purdue University

West Lafayette, IN

470 beds

Redpoint West Tenn

Florida State University

Tallahassee, FL

990 beds

Redpoint Wilmington

University of North Carolina - Wilmington

Wilmington, NC

400 beds

Redpoint communities coming soon: 5

Miami University

Oxford, OH

Clemson University

Clemson, SC

University of Colorado - Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, CO

Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester, NY

Texas Tech University

Lubbock, TX

Four brands, one mission: Re-defining student living.