With over 100 years of combined experience in real estate operations, finance and law, the Scion leadership team is a driving force behind the company’s continued growth and success.

Raising the residential bar on campus? We help do that, too.

Executive Team


Rob Bronstein


Robert Bronstein co-founded Scion and has led its growth… READ MORE

Robert (Rob) Bronstein co-founded The Scion Group in 1999 and has led its evolution from a two-person consulting firm to the world’s largest owner of off-campus student housing, with nearly 83,000 college and university students across the United States. Scion has over 1,750 employees and over $9.0 billion of assets under management.

During its 22-year history under Rob’s leadership, Scion has participated in the acquisition or development of more than 100,000 beds. Scion has also acted as an advisor to colleges and universities, foundations and private-sector providers in more than 250 campus markets, representing an additional $6.0 billion of value.

Eric Bronstein

Executive Vice President

Eric Bronstein co-founded Scion and manages the company’s… READ MORE

Eric Bronstein co-founded Scion and manages the company’s acquisitions and capital transactions, along with serving as its General Counsel. He has over 25 years’ experience in finance, real estate and commercial transactions, including as in-house counsel for a Fortune 100 company and in private law practice.

Monte Huber

Chief Financial Officer

Monte Huber is responsible for leading Scion’s… READ MORE

Monte Huber is responsible for leading Scion’s financial planning, reporting and risk management. He has 25 years of experience as a finance and accounting executive, having served major private and public real estate firms as chief accounting officer, chief financial officer and senior vice president of strategic initiatives.

Avi Lewittes

Chief Investment Officer

Avi Lewittes is responsible for the development… READ MORE

Avi Lewittes is responsible for the development and implementation of Scion’s investment, capital raising and corporate strategies. He has overseen Scion’s deployment of more than $8.0 billion in the acquisition of over 130 student housing communities, helping to position Scion as the leading owner/operator in the sector. Avi has 30 years of corporate and real estate finance experience, including over 20 years at major Wall Street investment banks and three years as the Chief Investment Officer for a healthcare REIT.

Senior Management Team

Michael Bennett

Regional Vice President, Operations

Chelsea Bennett

Associate Vice President, Client Relations

John Carr

Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis

Krystle Coleman

Vice President, Business Operations

Brian Doyle

Vice President, Information Technology

Kenneth Funk

Senior Vice President, Operations

Jessica Graves

Regional Vice President, Operations

Stacy Gregorio

Regional Vice President, Operations

Andy Katzman

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Marc Killips

Vice President, Facilities and Capital

Eric Luskin, CPM

Senior Vice President Emeritus

Jaclyn Malone

Associate Vice President, College & University Relations

Clayton Merritt

Senior Vice President, Capital and Investments

Lauren Merritt

Vice President, Brand and Experience

Linda Newman

Vice President, Advisory Services

Jay Pearlman

Senior Vice President, Advisory Services

Michelle Pearson

Regional Vice President, Operations

Christina Poore

Regional Vice President, Operations

Mike Porritt

Vice President, Advisory Services

Ted Risher

Vice President, P3 & Analysis

Will Rogers

Regional Vice President, Operations

Alan Singer

Vice President, Leasing & Sales

Derek Sobczak

Senior Vice President, Accounting

Michael Weaver

Vice President, Legal Affairs

Management Team

Ranju Ahuja

Director, Facilities

Fatima Baqir

Director, Advisory

Robert Bedford

Sales Manager

Kimberlee Boyd

Director, Learning & Development

Gretchen Bracey

Regional Manager

Scott Brizell

Director, IT Support

David Brown

Regional Manager

Jackie Chever

Regional Manager

Maegan Cisbani

Director, Tax and Projects

Beau Crockett

Retail Analyst, Asset Management

Joey Dunlap

Regional Manager

Tyler Elbert

Regional Manager

Lani Farley

Sales Manager

Bridget Fergus

Director, Corporate Accounting

Catherine Fernandez

Regional Manager

Kevin Francis

Director, Business Intelligence

Thomas Gwynne

Director, Business Operations

Khalil Hall

Regional Manager

Margaret Hanson

Project Manager, Operations

Matthew Heinze

Director, Capital Projects

Kayla Hoffman

Regional Manager

Krystal Hoover

Regional Manager

Niki Horne

Regional Manager

Crystan Hunt

Regional Manager

Tiffany Irizarry

Regional Manager

Chris Jackson

Project Manager, Capital Projects

Kosta Kallco

Manager, Financial Planning & Analysis

Mihir Karia

Director, Strategic Sourcing & Procurement

Martina Luskin

Director, Talent

Nikole Maloy

Project Analyst, Advisory

Jayda Margin

Project Manager, Capital Projects

Cindy Martinez

Sales Manager

Cher Musgrove

Regional Manager

Max Ngo

Sales Manager

Tammy O’Brien

Director, Property Systems

Neal O’Brien

Project Manager, Capital Projects

Michael Oliphant

Senior Director, Advisory

Levi Paisley

Project Manager, Capital Projects

Vijay Patel

Director, Information Technology

Katie Schlesak

Director, Accounts Payable

Chase Schuldt

Regional Manager

Meridith Sestrich

Regional Manager

Curtis Shaw

Director, Facilities

Jim Spencer

Construction Manager

Angela Stewart

Regional Manager

Grover Stewart

Director, Human Resources Operations

Rontrez Stone

Sales Manager

Melissa Taylor

Regional Manager

Laura Lynn Thomson

Regional Manager

Charles Tonnelier

Regional Manager

Ellen Ulf

Senior Director, Advisory

Dan Vassalotti

Project Manager, Capital Projects

Jeff Vittorio

Director, Accounting

Roger Vollmer

Director, Accounting

Andre Wells

Regional Manager

Brandon Wood

Sales Manager

Kendra Woodley

Director, Sales

Kimberly Wootton

Regional Manager