The highest standard.

Spend just a moment with someone from Scion and you’ll feel it – a force pulling you forward. A spirit of drive and determination that is uniquely us. It’s what sets Scion apart and secures our spot as one of the fastest growing, industry-leading companies. We don’t just lead the way, we make way. How do we do it? We know we’re far from perfect, and are relentless in finding ways to better ourselves. Every single day, we set the highest standard in student living. And the next day, we beat it.

Our Perspectives

Who we are can’t be captured in a static set of values. It’s the power of our unique perspectives that define and drive us.

Have a
Bias for action.

Taking action is our default state.
We value calculated risk-taking.

There are
no half measures.

We don’t cut corners.
We give our all at all times.


If we’re not willing to learn, we can’t grow.
A commitment to constant evolution is how we make way.


Draw inspiration from your experiences.
Be scrappy and resourceful in execution.

Re-defining student living.

We harness decades of hands-on experience to deliver superior resident experience.

Have a bias for action

Whether it’s being among the first to tackle value-add rehab projects or in finding the most lucrative portfolio opportunities, we’ve been demonstrating our bias for action for nearly 25 years.

Be a lifelong learner

Two decades of studying student residents has informed our entire investment and operating thesis, and has led us to develop the industry’s first fully defined and experientially programmed family of student housing brands.

No half measures here

When we committed to being the best operator in the business, we went all-in. Having acquired over $9.0 billion of assets over a eight-year period from 20 different operators, we make sure that our portfolio has the scale and resources to be better than best-in-class.

Always innovate

From developing our own proprietary revenue management software in 2014 to creating the sector’s first family of brands in 2019, we always innovate and never stop improving.

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