FARMINGTON, NM. San Juan College has contracted with The Scion Group as its advisor throughout the development process for a new student housing community.

The College first engaged Scion in 2008 to assess the feasibility of student housing on the campus. Despite significant student demand, economic conditions at the time did not warrant moving forward with the College’s first-ever campus housing. By 2011, the College had experienced significant enrollment growth and subsequently re-engaged Scion to update its student housing demand analysis and advise the College on the various options available for the financing and delivery of a new student housing community. Now that the College plans to proceed with development, Scion will assisting in the development of an RFP for potential development partners and will continue to act as the College’s advisor through the project’s opening.

Founded in 1956 as the Farmington Branch of the New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts (now New Mexico State University), classes were taught to just 25 students by part-time instructors during evening hours at Farmington High School. The first facility for a branch campus was constructed in 1967-68; in 1982, the school separated from NMSU to become a separate community college.