Scion’s #MyHouse Program Rewards Over 200 Team Members

Since inception in 2022, Scion’s #MyHouse program has already celebrated and rewarded over 200 team members who have demonstrated outstanding service and support to residents, fellow team members and partners.

The initiative highlights team members who make ‘brand deposits,’ describing actions that go above and beyond the routine requirements of the job and, in the process, make appreciable differences in the lives of others.

Recipients of the #MyHouse recognition are acknowledged directly by their supervisors and receive a Scion #MyHouse coin to symbolize their diligence and commitment. Each awardee is also granted a bonus and becomes a participant in a prize drawing with a range of awards. Scion publishes a roster of #MyHouse recipients so the company can celebrate with them.

All Scion employees have the chance to recognize their teammates who consistently exemplify these attributes by sharing their stories with leaders, to further promote a spirit of excellence and collaboration.

“We developed the #MyHouse recognition initiative to encourage each and every Scion team member to treat all residents and fellow team members as if they were guests in our own homes,” said Kenny Funk, Senior Vice President of Operations, Sales & Brand. “This is another step to reach the level of service that is nothing short of world class, which is our objective.”