Scion Welcomes New Team Members

The Scion Group is proud to announce recent additions to its leadership.

John Carr, Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A), leads the Financial Planning & Analysis team. With over seven years of analytical expertise in the field, he will lead refinement of Scion’s budget and forecasting process.

Claire Joyce, Director of Capital Markets, joined Scion’s Acquisitions team. With over seven years of expertise in commercial real estate and capital markets, she will help drive Scion’s growth and capital strategies.

Four additions have joined the Facilities & Capital Planning team under the leadership of Marc Killips, Vice President, Facilities & Capital, adding over 100 years of collective experience to this team: Matt Race, Director of Facilities, manages the company’s ongoing administration of preventative and predictive maintenance, applying 25 years of experience in the field. Matt Heinze, Director of Capital, applies 27 years of experience to oversee the planning, management and execution of the company’s capital projects. Curtis Shaw (31 years experience) and Matt Gardner (19 years experience) have become Regional Facilities Managers, supervising facilities operation across Scion’s national portfolio.