Scion Launches Internship Program

The Scion Group’s new internship program is not about coffee runs. Scion has implemented an internship program offering real insights into multiple career paths and encouraging personal development. The curriculum of the 10-week internship program incorporates active learning opportunities including hands-on training, lunch and learn development sessions, 1:1 mentorships and networking events.

The program supports key company departments including Sales, Brand & Experience, Web Development, Business Operations and Systems. “The program has been a fantastic experience for our team,” said Zeb Thomas, Operations Manager. “Beyond teaching our interns new skills, it has allowed me to develop my own skills in managing and leading a team.”

Interns are immersed in hands-on work within their designated departments, where they actively contribute to critical tasks and projects. The addition of Gen-Z-aged interns also helps Scion stay directly in touch with the company’s main customer demographic.

The current intern class gave the program strong positive reviews. “I am very thankful for this exceptional opportunity, where I learned about the variety of marketing tactics at Scion through growth marketing, social media and other subgroups within the Brand & Experience department,” said Emma Green, General Marketing intern. “Additionally, I enhanced my career by transitioning from an on-site community role to a professional internship at the headquarters office.”